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eCommerce Development – Primary Need of the Digital Era

Digital market is growing and so are online stores. In an era where every other brand is coming up with their tailor-made e-stores, you too need to make an impact. Because of the proliferation of CMS platforms with cutting edge eCommerce tools, carving a fully customised eCommerce platform with functionalities like multilingual support, guest checkouts, payment gateways and extensive database support has become a hassle-free affair.

However, building an eCommerce platform even with the most generic features require sound domain knowledge along with vast industry experience, and Vovance has it all. We have a proficient team of eCommerce developers who have expertise over some of the most majestic platforms like Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce. With our eCommerce services, you can deliver personalized retail experiences to your consumers with the most modernized features, ones that will not only boost productivity but will also make it stand out.

eCommerce Development Services

Customised eCommerce Development

Whether it’s a unique frontend design for your jewellery store or extended backend support for your fashion store, Vovance’s result-drive, customised eCommerce development services offer clients with all and every option to enhance performance of their e-store. Our customised services are meant to cater to the niche requirements of clients and their specific industry vertical. Right from shopping cart development to platform migration, we cover all aspects of eCommerce development.


Third-party Integration Services

Thanks to the extensive community support, finding exclusive eCommerce functions for niche industry vertical is not a tough task any more. Our third-party integration services for eCommerce platforms enable clients to have all those desired functions embedded right into their store. Whether you wish to make it more SEO-friendly or you want better content management, with third-party integration, extending capabilities of eCommerce platform has becomes much feasible with Vovance.


eCommerce Storefront Design

Most eCommerce development platforms come with their own unique set of templates and layouts that are configurable and fully customizable. With our eCommerce storefront design service, clients get the freedom to get those templates moulded with their own creative ideas. Our designing team can create astounding templates that match your brand’s unique concepts and assists in establishing its own unique image.


eCommerce CMS Development

A well-planned and neatly coded CMS development can serve as boon for an enterprise. With your content well written, neatly placed and nicely presented, your customers can connect with your brand in the clearest ways. At Vovance, we deliver clients with exclusive CMS development solutions that help them to restructure content with better specifications.


Headless Storefront with Vue.JS

Vue.JS has evolved to become one of the most preferred platforms for development of headless commerce storefront. It comes with an exclusive toolkit meant for crafting a fully customizable look and feel that resonates with the brand. The best part is that all the designing and development can be done without disturbing the core. At Vovance, we have a qualified Vue.JS team that can seamlessly apply Bue’s design system and component-based patterns for creation of easily maintainable headless storefront.


Progressive Web Apps

Vue.JS comes into play again as its official site boldly claims it as a ‘standalone PWA storefront’ by working with premium eCommerce platforms including Magento and PrestaShop. Its ability to connect with the backend of any premium eCommerce platform makes it ideal for development of PWA apps. Once again, Vovance stands out with the help of its eCommerce developers who have already served clients with exquisitely designed PWAs. Progressive apps developed by Vovance’s developers can furnish the experience of native applications and boost your site’s overall productivity.

Why Team Up with Vovance?

Whether you want an eCommerce platform from ground up or you have gotten stuck in the middle of the development stage, our pre-vetted team of eCommerce designers and developers can put you right on track. In addition, our command over ruling eCommerce platforms including OpenCart and PrestaShop give us an upper hand. Working with us will make you avail the following definite benefits:

  • Customised, scalable and secured eCommerce solutions including premium eCommerce platforms
  • Industry trained and skilled eCommerce developers
  • UX/UI design with desired features crafted with fully customised templates
  • Extended capabilities with third-party integrations provided at the most competitive rates
  • 24*7 maintenance services along with performance monitoring of your eCommerce apps

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It’s time to transition your store from its brick-and-mortar form to a captivating digitalized form. Connect with our eCommerce experts and know how to begin with eCommerce development and all about its benefits.

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